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  • anti-microbial gloves

    Anti-Microbial Gloves

    • Anti-microbial gloves: advanced patented protection
    • Scientifically-proven to kill COVID-19 viral particles on contact
    • Comfortable
    • Reusable & washable gloves
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  • Antimicrobial Hand Wipes (Box of 100)

    • Antimicrobial wipes for cleaning and disinfecting hands. The patented formula kills 99.999% of germs without the need for soap or water
    • Proven to be bactericidal and fungicidal. A mix of biocides with different mechanisms of action prevent bacterial resistance and superbug formation
    • Can be used on ‘soiled, visibly dirty hands’. The wipes contain surfactants to clean as well as disinfect, unlike alcohol gel rubs, which can only be used on ‘visibly clean hands’
    • Patented formula which is effective in seconds. Developed to provide the best protection from germs
    • Conforms to PLACE, EPIC 3 and NHS choices guidelines. Recommended for use before eating and after using the toilet. Perfect for patient food trays
    • For carrying with you at all times. Conveniently sized sachets are ideal for personal carry at all times – at home, in the office, in the car, in bags or when travelling

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