Checklist For PPE Certificate

Regulations for certified supplies follow a specific checklist. This checklist governs PPE certificates. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment. This is a legal way to certify documents. Many countries use PPE as a standard for equipment, especially during these times. Officials have tried their best to limit fraudulent behaviour of placing falsified PPE certificates on documents. As hard as officials have worked to limit this criminal activity, equipment and supplies are still being admitted into countries with a CE mark that appears to be certified.

Large brands that have a lot of notoriety are being targeted for these false certificates. The rise in false documentation has risen since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. The products and equipment may sport what looks to be an official CE mark but perform very differently than the authentic products and equipment. The equipment performs weaker. Ultimately, it does not deliver the results that it claims it will deliver for the price that is paid for it.

There are ways a company can check to see if the products they have received are in fact authentic. There is a specific checklist that discloses all the information to tell someone what to look for when checking the authenticity. Request to see a certificate with the authentic CE mark for any PPE product. Suppliers do not have to show their certificates for PPE products. But for several companies, they would not mind showing these certifications to customers. The documentation suppliers should have to prove legitimacy is called the Declaration of Conformity.

The Declaration of Conformity has also seen an increase in falsified information. Criminals have found a way to copy the Declaration of Conformity and make it look authentic. This declaration is not a guarantee of safety or quality. It is simply a declaration that the PPE complies with regulations and requirements. The declaration is issued by the manufacturer of the PPE. There are certain things the Declaration of Conformity should state. The manufacturer’s name and address should be on the declaration. A description of the PPE should be disclosed.

There are similar wordings that may confuse people. “Verification of Conformance” is a wording that may confuse people. This wording is not the same as the Declaration of Conformity. “Conformance Certificate” is also a wording that should not be confused with a Declaration of Conformity. Read all documents and information to ensure you have the authentic Declaration of Conformity.

There are things you should be mindful of when you are looking over documents that claim to be CE certified. These documents should have a certificate number or reference. There should be a signature or name of who certified the products. There should be an issue date. A clear description of the product should be given. Check to see if the products have an expiration date. Look to see if the products have been tampered with. Be careful with these documents as you do not want to get equipment or supplies that have not been certified or regulated. Use this as a checklist if you are wanting to make sure a set of products are truly CE certified and meet PPE regulations.

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